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There are many baby signing courses available in the UK, the majority using a lot of natural gesture in their signs. However, we have been inundated with requests to develop a recognised, consistent method of producing signs using the SIGNALONG technique.  

Signalong for Babies has retained the same methodology which includes things like the handshape, how the hands are formed, orientation, how the hands are held, placement, where the hands are held and movement. Using this methodology ensures that it is appropriate for all. 

Trainers have undertaken SIGNALONG training to ensure that the most appropriate 105 signs and popular nursery rhymes are taught accurately. Baby milestones and potential speech, language and communication needs are also discussed by giving parent and carers handouts, which we will provide.  

Specialising in baby signing using SIGNALONG methodology gives us the added advantage of using an established technique, based on British Sign Language, that provides all learners with the skills to advance on their knowledge.  

“The people who work in the charity are passionate and always helpful.

Signalong is the best signing system there is and that’s why I’ve worked with them since 1998!”

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