Baby signing is an enjoyable and highly rewarding skill to learn with your little one.  

You can start using signs with them from birth but your baby won’t usually be able to start signing back until they’re at least six months old.  

At nine months, your baby is exploring the world around them using appropriate actions such as cuddling a soft toy or banging on a drum. Babies understand a lot of what you say and may start to co-operate by holding their arms out to be picked up or when you put an item of clothing on them.  

Although your baby may not make any precise sound, they’ll be babbling and vocalising regularly, using these noises to demand attention. Your tot might not be able to talk but they know what they want and that’s when you’ll see them attempting to mirror you signing.  

SIGNALONG was originally developed for children with an identified speech, language and communication need. Should you later discover that your child has a speech, language and communication need, you will already have a head start on an augmented alternative.  


What will Signalong for Babies classes teach me?  

At Signalong for Babies, you’ll learn 105 signs to use with your little one as well as nursery rhymes. You’ll be given learning cards and handouts to work from during your one-hour session which you’ll be able to take home and keep.  

How much does a Signalong for Babies course cost?  

For an eight-week course with a certified Trainer, you’ll pay just £70.  

Can I start using baby signing straight away? 

Of course! We encourage you to use signing as much as possible with your baby, from your first session with us.  

“It is great to have an opportunity to communicate with my disabled daughter.”


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