Danielle Campbell

Hi, I’m Danielle. I have been using Signalong since 2007 in a variety of roles.
 I started my Signalong journey when I started my role in a special school in 2007. It was great to be able to support children with their communication and give non-verbal children a voice.
 I became a Signalong tutor in 2017 when I worked as an Early Years Team Leader at an adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities aged from 0-25 years.
 In my present role in a family centre, I have trained my team in Signalong to help them to support children with English as an additional language and have seen the positive impact this has on the team, children, and their families.
 I feel that Signalong is a wonderful communication tool that can open the world up to those who may struggle with their communication, it can foster relationships at an early age and is fun!

Current Courses

Signalong for Babies
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