Laura Dewar

Hi I’m Laura and I qualified as a Primary teacher in 1996.  Since then I have worked in all stages across mainstream school and nursery.  In 2015 I moved to the ASN sector, working in a severe and complex needs school.
 I first started using Signalong 12 years ago when I worked with a child with language development delay.  At this point the benefits of using sign supported communication became apparent to me . Using sign in the classroom had a positive impact on the child’s behaviour, it  created more independence and allowed relationships to be developed between him and his peers.
  In 2015 I completed the Signalong training, making me better equipped to communicate and support young people with language development difficulties and allowing them to have a voice at school.
 Signalong has many benefits including greater independence, improvement in challenging behaviour caused by frustration, building self-esteem and creating improved relationships
I am passionate, not only about using Signalong for children with language and communication difficulties but also about promoting Signalong to be used by all.

Current Courses

Signalong for Babies