Liz Chilton

Hi my name is Liz, and for 20 years I worked as a Registered General Adult Nurse in the NHS.  I have been around sign language all my life, as both my parents are profoundly deaf and use British Sign Language.  My daughter has Down Syndrome and I was keen to learn Signalong as its a key word sign-supported communication system and knew this would help my daughter’s additional needs.  I became a Signalong Tutor in 2021.   

I am passionate about inclusion and breaking down barriers, and truly believe signing is an amazing skill to have for people with or without disabilities, so we can all communicate together.  I am keen to get started as a Signalong for Babies Trainer to show how this great tool encourages early development of language skills and all the other benefits that goes with it.  

Current Courses

Signalong for Babies
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