What is Signalong for Babies?

All babies are different and each develop at their own pace. However, signing with your baby is a great way to encourage their communication skills before they are able to speak.  

You can begin to sign with your baby from birth as part of natural communication but they may not start to sign back until they are at least six months old.  

Signalong for Babies is a fun way to teach babies signing skills from six to eighteen months in a friendly, laidback environment. Group sizes are limited to a maximum of nine, excluding siblings, so our Trainers can dedicate time and energy to each one of our course participants.  

The course is delivered over eight weeks, following a session plan that your Trainer will talk you through. Each session begins with relaxation to calm baby and focus hands in preparation for signing. And there’s always time for a cuppa and a catch up at the end to seek reassurance and support from other parents and carers.  

Each week, you’ll be taught the signs we think are essential for deepening your bond with your little one as well as popular nursery rhymes. We provide you with learning cards to help you build a vocabulary of 105 signs. You’ll also be able to discuss baby milestones and potential speech, language and communication needs with your Trainer.

The Signalong for Babies Nursery Rhymes manual and other items are available to purchase separately here too.  

“I use this system in my music teaching all the time and always directed anyone interested in signing, to SIGNALONG.”