Maxine Archer-Strudley

Hi, I’m Maxine! I am the office manager here at Signalong and also a qualified Signalong Tutor. I have been with Signalong for nearly 3 years and really enjoy it. I moved to Norfolk with the charity back in 2018 and have loved every single second of it, being a born and bred Kent girl, the slower pace of life is definitely a big plus for me.

It’s just myself and my partner here, although still trying to convince him that we can get a dog to add to the family (not that he needs much persuading!). I love exploring the countryside around us and going for a ride on the bike at the weekend, when we aren’t busy decorating our new house that is. There is nothing I love more than getting stuck into a new project, something I am sure Matthew hates as I am always changing something.

I became a Signalong Tutor initially to help better my job role as I come from a customer service background, having worked in hairdressers (colour technician qualified) and many pubs (qualified to manager level) I decided that I didn’t know enough about Signalong and the impact it has, so I wanted to get more involved. I can now teach others the ins and outs of Signalong and that has now progressed to being able to also share our passion with you and your babies. Even if you do not need Signalong to help communicate with your little one, there is nothing better than being able to teach them something new as they grow and build your bond with them even more, plus it will greatly benefit their communication with others should they meet someone who uses Signalong in their future.

I look forward to meeting you all and helping you discover something new with your children.

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